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Overton Veterinary Hospital PC Overton Veterinary Hospital PC

Experienced Breeding and Reproductive Healthcare

For our responsible breeders and show clients, we offer a full spectrum of experienced canine breeding and reproductive services including semen collection and artificial insemination, and caesarean sections are performed using stringent anesthesia protocols. We are also happy to help you pursue OFA certification.

Certified Breeding Services

Dr. Beth Overton is certified in fresh and chilled semen collection and artificial insemination by International Canine Genetics.

When you commit to breeding your female dog, you want a doctor who is dedicated to safeguarding her health and safety throughout the process. In addition to performing pre-breeding health screenings, your dog’s progesterone levels will be carefully monitored to pinpoint the optimal time for breeding. Our in-house lab enables us to process her tests quickly and accurately.

Whenever possible, Dr. Overton performs transcervical insemination (TCI) using an endoscope. TCIs are painless, and sedation may not be necessary. If frozen semen is used, Dr. Overton will perform an intrauterine insemination, which is a surgical implantation that does require anesthesia.

Dr. Overton is also happy to consult with you regarding natural breeding.

Surgical Deliveries

Large breeds of dogs, those with breathing difficulties, and those with narrow birth canals typically require caesarean sections to ensure the safest delivery possible for the mother and her offspring.

At Irby Overton Veterinary Hospital, we perform all of our C-sections using sevoflurane, a specialized anesthesia that is very well tolerated and results in faster wake-up times.

As with any of our surgical procedures, your dog’s vital signs will be continuously monitored with our state-of-the-art SurgiVet® equipment.

OFA Certification

We’re happy to help you pursue certification from the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) if you’re breeding dogs that are prone to orthopedic conditions. Once your breeding dog reaches 2 years of age, we can take radiographs of your dog’s hips, patellae, and elbows, and submit them to the OFA for evaluation.

We also provide verified permanent identification for your dogs in the form of tattoos or microchips.

For additional information about our breeding and reproductive healthcare, please schedule a consultation with Dr. Overton.