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Specialty Veterinary Services in Mobile

Our hospital offers on-site ultrasound. Ultrasound provides doctors with information about your pets that X-rays cannot provide. It is used for reproduction, tumors, heart complications, bladder/kidney stones and many other procedures.

specialties surgery
Laser Surgery
Our hospital provides laser surgery. Laser surgery provides pets with an easier and faster surgery and recovery time. The laser makes a precise incision and cauterizes as it cuts. This eliminates blood loss and most swelling. Pets that have laser surgery, as opposed to scalpel blade use, are more likely to have a better recovery.

Microchips are the new-age way of identifying pets. A microchip is about the size of a grain of rice and inserted just under the skin between the shoulder blades. Scanners read the microchip numbers. The microchips are Allflex name-brand, registered nationally with 24PetWatch.

SurgiVet Monitoring
Our hospital offers SurgiVet monitoring for hospitalized or anesthetized pets. The SurgiVet monitors heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen levels and body temperature. If your pet's vitals change, the monitor alerts the doctor immediately so that the proper care can be taken to stabilize your pet.

specialties exotics
Exotic mammals, or "pocket pets," include ferrets, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, chinchillas and sugar gliders. There are more pets that also fall into this category, but these are the most common. "Pockets pets" are wonderful to own and make great first pets for children. Guinea pigs and rabbits are generally the most docile and most loving. They are also larger than the others and are therefore more able to withstand typical handling by children. The average lifespan of these exotic mammals is 4-6 years. The most important aspect of owning a "pocket pet" is proper housing and feeding. Each pet will need specific bedding and an adequate-size pen or shelter. They will also all require some form of activity or exercise device in their area. Proper nutrition is essential to the health of pocket pets. There are commercially available diets for each individual species. Guinea pigs, like humans, do not produce Vitamin C and therefore must be supplemented. Oranges are a wonderful and delicious supplement to provide their Vitamin C. Rabbits have a special digestive system and require high amounts of fiber. Good sources of fiber include hays, grasses, straw and some leaves. Exotic mammals make excellent pets, but (like all living animals) require special attention and appropriate care.

Dr. Beth Overton is I.C.G. (International Canine Genetics)-certified in fresh and chilled semen collection and artificial insemination. Artificial insemination is a complicated, detailed and time-consuming process that requires patience and experience. Bloodwork testing and breed timing have to be precise, and having an experienced doctor on staff can ensure wanted results. Dr. Overton can also assist clients and their pets with natural breeding. If you need additional information about either of these types of breeding procedures, please call and schedule a consultation with Dr. Overton.

specialties dentistry
If plaque and tartar are visible on your pet's teeth, they can develop into bad breath, tooth loss or worse. Professional dental care is needed to prevent gingivitis and periodontal disease. We offer dental cleanings at our hospital. A dental cleaning consists of ultrasonic scaling, a full dental evaluation, fluoride treatment and a complete polish. We also offer many preventative tarter care items such as C.E.T. rawhide treats, oral rinse, toothpaste, Greenies bones and t/d treats.